Other Information
Mailing List—I am putting together an e-mail list of those who are interested in receiving annoucements about my upcoming shows, classes, or seminars. If you are interested, please send me a note with your e-mail address.

Woodturning References—This is a list of references that I have found useful over the years. References include Books on Wood, Wood Turning Supply Catalogs, Books on Woodturning, Woodturning Organizations and Local Supply Companies in the state of Virginia.  

Creative Band Saw Boxes—Some instructional details, some life history, some nastalgia.

Safety Reminders for Woodturners—Some of the tips I have for woodturners. The most important—RUB THE BEVEL!!

Hardy's Handful of Helpful Hints for Woodturners—Just some helpful hints for you to use. Don't forget—RUB THE BEVEL!!

Preparing a Log Section for Maximum Bowl Depth and Symmetry—Ever wondered how I actually make my green-turned bowls? They started out as trees. This tells you how I use my chainsaw to cut it up and stick it on the lathe (more or less). Seriously, this is a set of notes that I wrote up during a David Ellsworth demonstration.

Skein Winder Instructions—These are the instructions on how to put together (or take apart) my skein winders.