My Shop
My shop consists of a double garage that has been partitioned down the middle. One side is heated and air conditioned which enables me to do my small things on the mini lathe in the winter. The other side is where I have all my bigger equipment. The thing that I like about my shop is that I can open up the front and rear doors to get a breeze and I am essentially out of doors for most of my work. Because 95% of my equipment is in a one car space, it is important to have it laid out efficiently. It's not perfect, but it works for me as you can see from the pictures. One day my dream is to add a new shop on to the back of the garage.

Equipment consists of:

  • Dust collection system
  • Oneway Lathe (2436)
  • Union Graduate short bed lathe
  • Carbatec mini lathe
  • Sears 12 inch lathe (used mainly now for sanding)
  • Sears floor sander
  • Sears 12 inch band saw (used to make all of my freeform jewelry boxes)
  • Sears drill press
  • Sears 10 inch radial saw
  • Numerous hand power tools

shop1.jpg (28128 bytes)

Oneway Lathe

Shop2.jpg (30312 bytes)

Sears 12 inch band saw. 12 inch lathe (background)
and floor sander



Shop3.jpg (29558 bytes)

Dust collection systems and Sears 12 inch radial saw and lots of "stuff"

Shop4.jpg (30668 bytes)

Finishing area



Shop5.jpg (32862 bytes)

Carbatec mini lathe

Shop6.jpg (29760 bytes)

Handyman or "Catch All" area