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Lazy Susan

My lazy susans have two unique aspects. The surface is recessed with a narrow rim around the outside, and they have a ceramic tile embedded in the center to add color and allow for cutting of cheese or other food.


Click here for more examples of my lazy susans.



Spatulas are made from Goncalo Alves (tropical wood) with the band saw and are meant to be used in hot as well as cold dishes.

Price: $8-$16

wc1.jpg (9140 bytes) Wine Stopper

Wine Stoppers are made mostly from Cocobolo (king of rosewoods) and are really handy if you frequently have an open bottle on the shelf.

Price: $10

Click here for more examples of my wine stoppers (and some great wine as well!).

Salad Bowl

Cherry is my favorite for making salad bowls, although any fruit wood will make a good bowl. They are meant to be used for food and will last a lifetime if you wash them in warm soapy water, rinse them and dry them right away.

Prices vary from $40 to $150

Click here for more examples of my salad bowls.


Like the bowls, trays and plates are meant to be used with food. They add a warm touch to any table.

Prices vary from $30 to $60