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These are my production items. Most are made from exotic hardwoods (rosewoods mostly) because they take such a nice finish and have beautiful grain patterns. Items with metal parts come from various suppliers and I provide the wood and do the turning. The needle cases, hair sticks and mirrors are my designs.

Fountain Pen

Writing Instruments

Wood and gold go together so well to make a handsome gift. Where possible I like to make many of my writing instruments a little different and provide a comfortable ergonomic fit for both large and small hands.

Price: $20 - $40

Pictured at left is one of my fountain pens. Click here for more examples of the ball point pens, roller ball pens, fountain pens, highlighters and pencils.

Letter Opener

Letter Opener

These items are turned from rosewoods primarily, and make a nice desk top accessory to match the writing instruments.

Price: $20

Flash Lights


This is a unique and very handy light for home use and it fits easily into a lady’s purse.

Price: $20

Wine Stoppers

Wine Stopper

For the connoisseur I use real cork for some of my stoppers, but for most of them I use a neoprene liner.

Price: $10

Fan Pulls

Fan Pull

Wooden fan pulls make a warm addition to any room.

Price: $12

Needle Case

Needle Case

I use a rubber "O" ring in my needle case design to ensure that the top does not come off inadvertently. They will hold needles up to 2 inches in length and can be special made for longer needles.


Click here for more pictures of my Needle Cases.

Hair Sticks

Hair Sticks

My hair sticks make a simple but eloquent support for holding hair in a bun.

Price: $18/pair

Hair Sticks

Key Fobs

My key fobs provide a place for your keys as well as some cash! I also make ones that come with whistles.

Price: $10

Tool Pen

This item makes a unique gift for the "man who has everything." It holds a small ball point pen, an Exacto blade, a pair of tweezers, and a phillips head & a regular screw driver blade.

Price: $25

Purse Mirrors

These items are made from various rosewoods and make a beautiful addition to any lady’s purse.

Price: 2 inch - $10, 3 inch - $15

Hand Mirrors

These are especially nice accessories for a dresser top or bathroom shelf.

Price: 5 inch - $35, 6 inch - $40

Bracelet Helper

Bracelet Helper

This is a very unique item that enables a person to hold one end of a bracelet with one hand so that it can be easily connected around the wrist with the other hand.

Price: $20

Click here for more pictures of my Bracelet Helpers and to see how they work!