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Some of my long time friends know my business by the name of "Wood ‘N Wool Works." When I began to seriously think about this hobby as a business, Celeste and I were doing a joint thing. She was the "Wool" part and I was the "Wood" part. Then when I was laid off, she had to go back to work and never really had the time to produce for sale. Then a friend of mine in a moment of kidding around about catchy names came up with "TURNSTYLES" and it stuck. Therefore I have migrated to the new name for my portion of our joint passions for fiber creations. You can contact me by phone, letter or e-mail:

Bill and Celeste Hardy
4205 Minstrell Lane
Fairfax, Virginia 22033

Home Phone: 703-378-4206

E-Mail: bill.hardy(at)turnstylesonline(dot)com

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