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I enjoy making a wide variety of things, and am constantly looking for something new to try. Generally my "stuff" can be categorized as Spinning and Weaving Equipment, Gifts and Personal Items, Jewelry Boxes, Kitchen Items, Art Pieces, and Special Items. Below is a picture of me while at Laura Nicol's Home Show. I am standing next to my display of most of my Gift and Personal Accessories. Moving to the right are my Writing Instruments, Needlecases, Trays and a collection of my Green-Turned Bowls. Above the bowls, on the shelves, are my Jewelry Boxes.

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Art Pieces

Gift and Personal Accessories

Jewelry Boxes

Kitchen Items

Spinning and Weaving Equipment

Special Items


Many of the items that are pictured are production pieces. Therefore, if you see an item that really catches your attention that you would really like to have, please send me a note indicating where you saw it on my web site. I will check and see if I still have it. If I do, I'll hold it; if not, I can usually create something very similar. The exceptions are my Green-Turned Bowls and Platters which are inherently unique and only come as "one-of-a-kind"!

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