Constructing a Lidded Box

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This is how I make a lidded box (cross-grain) using double-sticky tape.

lb1.jpg (19825 bytes) Tape is applied to a face plate blank and then pressed onto the box base blank.
lb2.jpg (19960 bytes) This picture shows the completed box and how I line up the blanks to ensure that the grain runs through the top and bottom to match.
lb3.jpg (23010 bytes) Here I am beginning to hollow out the base piece with a half inch scraper.
lb4.jpg (16392 bytes) Once the base is hollowed about a fourth of the way, I carefully define the edge to accept the top with a half inch skew used in a scraping mode.
lb5.jpg (20257 bytes) Completing the hollowing process.
lb6.jpg (13200 bytes) Here I am removing the completed base with a butcher knife.
lb7.jpg (20070 bytes) With the top blank mounted, you have to be careful to measure the diameter to ensure it will fit nicely into the base lip.
lb8.jpg (18479 bytes) Completing the top with a scraper.
lb9.jpg (14574 bytes) A happy turner with a box whose lid fits perfectly!