Green Turning

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This series of pictures illustrates the notes I took during a David Ellsworth demonstration. I teach this method in my Intermediate Course. It is a neat way to prepare 2 bowl blanks from a log section.

dad3.jpg (10762 bytes) First you mount a log section on the geometric center of the log with the pith center in the same direction as the axis of the lathe. Then you turn off the bark to produce a cylinder.
dad4.jpg (12600 bytes) Next, you round of the ends to form a sphere.
dad5.jpg (9250 bytes) After a few measurements and adjustments you rotate the sphere 90 degrees and remount between centers. Then you turn the ends flat to accept a faceplate or scroll chuck and part off through the pith center to yield two bowl blanks. One of the blanks will yield a bowl of maximum depth and the other of minimum depth. Both should show symmetry in the grain pattern of the completed bowls.
dad6.jpg (16910 bytes) After mounting one of the blanks the bowl is turned. The outside is done first and then the inside.
dad7.jpg (14010 bytes) This picture shows the jamb chuck ready for the bowl to be mounted for the final turning of the bottom.
dad9.jpg (16203 bytes) Making final cuts on the bottom.
dad8.jpg (11221 bytes) Trimming off the stub left by the tail stock.
dad1.jpg (11519 bytes) A very happy turner showing off a successfully turned greenwood bowl.