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I hope you enjoy your visit and find the pieces that I create from wood always pleasing to look at, most of the time practical, and in many cases unique and interesting. I specialize in turned objects, but my real creativity can be found in the multi-drawer jewelry boxes (one hidden drawer in each box) made with a band saw. Another specialty of mine is accessory equipment for weavers and spinners. Since my wife, Celeste, is a fiber fanatic, this aspect of my work evolved out of an "I can make those" approach to helping her with her passion. While I have made many other larger pieces like tables and cabinets, my real joy comes from making the smaller accessories.


The woods that I use come from all over the world - exotics from the tropics, domestic kiln-dried hardwoods from local lumber stores and, best of all, neighborhood trees that have been taken down by owners or nature. This latter source is a good resource for bowls that are turned from green (sap-wet) wood, many of which are finished green and allowed to warp yielding very unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Products and Shows

I enjoy working with the many types of wood and making a wide variety of things so that if someone is interested in my work they can easily find something that they like in a price range that they can afford. Making lots of different products keeps every minute at the lathe or band saw interesting and challenging. I enjoy doing the one-of-a-kind pieces; but I also enjoy production work making a large number of the smaller items like pens, needle cases and hair sticks because these allow me to hone my skills and experiment with different techniques and tools without the risk of messing up an expensive piece of wood. I market my things at craft shows, from my home and (hopefully) through this web site. My fair schedule consists primarily of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival at the Howard County Fairgrounds in May, and the Virginia Tech YMCA Arts and Crafts Fair in Blacksburg, VA in November. In addition I may do a home show or other small show as time and circumstances permit.


Since I have a full time job with an Information Technology company during the day, TURNSTYLES is currently only a part time passion. While it is part time from an overall perspective, it is quite a dominate part of the "home time" hours –as with most woodturners- just ask Celeste. Retirement is in sight, and when it arrives this hobby will become more full time.

So, look around and enjoy yourself. E-mail me with any questions or comments. This site is under constant refinement by my son, Matthew, and we appreciate any suggestions that you may have to make it better.


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