Intermediate Woodturning

Instructor: Bill Hardy W (703) 903-0325
4205 Minstrell Lane H (703) 378-4206
Fairfax, Virginia 22033

Course Objective: This course is designed to further expose the student to the joys of woodturning through instruction on the use of green wood for bowl turning and the use of double sticky tape to hold dry stock for turning a tray and a small lidded box.

Approach: This course is designed to be flexible to the needs and desires of the student to a large extent. Three projects, with associated materials provided, are planned; but the student is encouraged to bring his/her own material and/or to work on different projects if desired. I will provide as much independent guidance and instruction as time permits. Two students will share each lathe and will split the time left after demonstrations for hands on work.


Session 1 Demonstration on Preparing a Green Wood Log Section for Maximum Bowl Depth and Symmetry

Demonstration on Green Wood Bowl Turning Techniques with Students Participation

Session 2 Students Turn Green Wood Bowl or Seasoned Wood Bowl if Green Wood is not Available

Session 3 Students Complete of Bowl Turning Project

Demonstration of Tray Turning Using Double Sticky Tape

Session 4 Students Turn Tray Using Double Sticky Tape

Session 5 Demonstration of Turning a Small Lidded Box

Students Begin Turning Small Lidded Box

Session 6 Students Complete Turning Small Lidded Box

Students Complete other Projects